Dubri Oil Company Limited (DUBRI) is the operator of OML96, and carries out exploration and exploitation activities on a sole risk basis, in this concession.

In meeting today's energy supply challenges, our Asset Team comprises well experienced multi-disciplinary professionals from Geology & Geophysics, Production Technology, Reservoir Engineering, Well Engineering and Facilities Operations & Management for optimized production. This diverse team of Professionals are strategically anchored to provide sound technical expertise to our partners for the growth of the venture.

OML 96 is located in the Western Delta depo belt of the Niger Delta Land terrain. Three (3) fields are already established with oil and gas production. The block has a lot of other exploration and appraisal/development potentials. The Western Delta depo belt is dominated by simple/faulted rollover structures. This has been proven to be very successful with numerous known producing fields. A large number of prospects and leads have also been identified within the concession for future drilling.

DUBRI is focused on driving upwards its energy deliverables by boosting its current exploration and production activities to fully grown assets. Currently, our gas utilization plan is being developed and on completion will boost our gas production significantly contributing to the  Federal Government Domestic gas obligations.

Our exploration strategy in DUBRI is simple and summarized as below:

• Maturation of identified leads to prospect level to become drillable candidates.

• Appraise existing discoveries within the license to increase reserves and increase the production profile.

  • Drill deep gas and oil exploration wells.

•  Deploy advanced technologies especially in data reprocessing, interpretation & drilling.

  • Focus on Gas.

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